Corporate Social Responsibility

SOS Satele Copiilor România

Nongovernmental organization, member of the SOS Children’s Villages International Federation, organism that develops programs in 134 countries of the world. SOS Satele Copiilor România is present in Romania for 27 years and it develops its activity through 3 programs at national level: in Bucharest, Cisnădie – Sibiu and Hemeiuş – Bacău.

The organization’s activity is focused on assistance and support for children who have lost or risk to lose the care of their biological family. Currently, 1,000 children and young people are supported directly by the organization, among which almost 200 grow in the SOS Romania family.

SOS Satele Copiilor România develops, in parallel, services to prevent abandonment, through the Counseling and Support Centers for Children and Parents.

Diana Podaru, CEO of SOS Satele Copiilor România:

“Through everything we do, we undergo to support the change for improving the life of children coming from underprivileged communities and to build a better future. We respond to the individual needs of children, we ensure the participation of the child and his/her family in the caring process, we act in partnership and mobilize all the available resources in the communities we act in. The efforts of SOS Satele Copiilor România were repaid with very good results. Therefore, 90% of the young people who came out of the SOS protection during the last 25 years found a steady workplace and are very well integrated in the society and all of it is possible also through the support of Debt Collection Agency which started a year ago.”


SOS Satele Copiilor România provides a family to children in difficulty, it helps them build a future and we contribute to the development of the communities they live in.

No child should grow alone, without the love and protection of a family. In Romania, thousands of children are alone because they were abandoned or lost one or both parents. But there are also children who no longer stay with their families due to poverty, domestic violence or abuse. Any child is happy with his parents and that is why a great part of our work is dedicated also to supporting vulnerable families, in order to prevent the child’s abandonment.

Satele SOS – family care

In Satele SOS, children are raised by SOS mothers and by natural or social brothers and, together, they become a family. A family in which each member is listened to, loved and respected, where each child learns how to trust himself and his potential.

Family strengthening programs

SOS Satele Copiilor makes incredible efforts to support families to stay united, so that children are raised by those who gave them life. In the three Counseling and Support Centers for Children and Parents, from Bucharest, Sibiu and Bacău, we work one on one with the families under difficult situations, with the purpose of helping and empowering parents to raise and care for their children.

258 families are supported to prevent abandonment. 90% of these families have fulfilled their objectives and make important steps to exceed risk situations