Frequently asked questions

Please check the answers to the most frequent questions asked by our clients:

What is DCA?

Debt Collection Agency SRL is a sole associate company, being specialized in the acquisition of receivable portfolios of natural and legal persons owned by the banks, non-banking financial institutions, phone companies etc. we are part of the Norwegian group B2Holding operating on the territory of 23 European states.

Why do I need to pay to DCA?

In case you receive a letter from us or our representative, we advise you to contact us, because it means we acquired a receivable on your name, based on a transfer contract, signed between us and your creditor. Therefore, we become creditor for your receivable, resulting the fact that all your payments must be done to our company, according to one of the methods below.

What does transfer mean?

The receivable transfer is regulated by the Civil Code and Civil Procedure Code and represents a written agreement transferring to the transferee all rights the assignor has regarding the transferred receivable, as well as the all security and accessory rights of the transferred receivable.

How can I pay the receivable I own?

We have created the facility to pay receivables by using an extended network of locations where payments can be made.
You can make a payment through one of the following methods:

  • By bank transfer: In any branch of the Bănca Comerciala Româna, in the account indicated in your notice, SWIFT CODE: RNCBROBU. On the payment details, please mention the reference number (mentioned in the upper part of the notice), with your complete name and personal number.
  • Through Zebra and PayPoint cashiers, based on the reference number of your notice registered in our system and your personal number, without applicable fees for our clients (including in the week-end and national holidays).
  • At the Romanian Post Office, by scanning the bar code printed on the notice, based on the identity card (identity document/identity card).

After the deposit please contact us at one of the phone numbers 0374460006 or 0317108851 or at the e-mail address, to confirm the payment.

Why is it important to pay my debts?

A responsible attitude has its privileges which are materialized through an easier access to credits and other financial services, but also by applying a lower level of fees and expenses, which may be applied during the procedure of collecting the receivable through a court of law.

How will I communicate with DCA as the new creditor of my receivable?

For us it is important to maintain a permanent connection with you, to help and actively participate in identifying the best solution in case of your situation, as well as to be able to notify you regarding the current amount of your receivable, to communicate to you the most recent news or our current promotions, to which you can participate. The main communication channels with us are:

  • By phone, every business day, from 09.00 to 20:00, and on Saturday 09:00 and 14:00. The available phone numbers: 0374460006 or 0317108851 for receivables resulting from loans, telecommunication services and services contracted with other service providers.
  • By out email address or by the contact form on out website.
  • By letter delivered to your mail box or with a confirmation of receipt. Please carefully read the content of the letter drafted especially for you and always contact us in case you cannot objectively comply with those mentioned in the letter received.
  • At our address, which you can find in the section Contact – please notify and always confirm your visit with our experts, for it to be quick and efficient.

Will I receive a document in case I pay my debt?

Of course you will! Debt Collection Agency will issue a document certifying the dissolution of your receivable, which you can take from our office – after previously choosing a day, or it can be sent by email or carrier, after previously stating a delivery address.

The DCA employee came at my address. Why?

Debt Collection Agency has a network of specialists visiting our clients, to negotiate concrete agreements from their part, regarding debt dissolution. They identify themselves with their work badges and will choose with you the best conditions for dissolving the debt, with concrete amounts and terms. Our employees do not collect cash and do not issue receipts in the company’s name, the only legal methods of payment are the ones described above.

How is processed my personal information?

As personal data administrator, DCA has the right to process personal information (according to the Law for personal data protection, being collected, for example: complete name, personal number, address, phone numbers, domicile address etc) of the clients’ which receivables were collected. The process of the respective data is performed exclusively for the development of the normal activity of the company, by complying with all legal requirements related to storage and protection of the respective personal data.

My payment obligations results from a court decision and was sent to a legal executor. What happens next and to whom should I address?

In this case, on your name was opened a foreclosure file to a legal executor. Information regarding the debt amount, the foreclosure measures initiated and the possibility to paying the respective debt can be obtained from a legal adviser managing your file or from the representative of the legal adviser office.