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Debt Collection
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adress: Bucharest,
Sector 1, 85 Buzesti Srt., 7th floor
tel: 03 744 60006

Payment information

The payment can be done via any of the following ways:

- At any branch of BCR bank with cash deposit. Please indicate your Reference number given by us.
IBAN: RO25 RNCB 0090 1386 8482 0002
Banca Comerciala Romana, Victoriei branch

- At any PayPoint terminal where you can see the sign

- At any Zebra Pay terminal where you can see the sign

Please take with you the notification letter or
indicate your Reference number given by us.


My credit was granted by one company and now I have to pay another. Why?

Any creditor can decide to sell its receivable. This sale is called an assignment /cession/. The assigned debt is transferred to the new creditor with all its privileges and securities. The consent of the debtor is not required in order to carry out the assigned. The old creditor informs the debtor of the assignment done.
After the assignment, the debtor may and must make payments only to the new creditor.

I cannot pay the entire amount at once - what can be done?

When the debt is significant and it is difficult for the debtor to pay it, it is advisable to discuss the situation with the creditor. The debtor will be offered a repayment scheme that is tailored to his income. It is important to know that the rapid payment of the debt will save the debtor from charging of delay interests as well as from additional costs for the debt collection. Otherwise, the debt could increase significantly.

What are the methods of overdue debts collection?

Debt collection is generally carried out through the following means: phone conversations, sending written notifications, meetings, and agreements. The purpose of these actions is to agree on the timing and method of payment of the debt.
Extremely important at this stage is the agreement to be respected. This ensures that the debtor will have less additional costs.

What happens in case of court proceeding?

In case that the non-judicial collection methods do not achieve results, a court proceedings against the debtor can be initiated – an executive case is opened at a bailiff. The court trial requires high costs, specifically listed in the legislation. The creditor's costs significantly increase the debt and consequently are paid by the debtor himself.
In this sense, the debtor is advised to seek contact with his creditor in order to agree on non-judicial settlement and payment of the debt.

Is my personal data protected?

Companies working in the field of debt collection are registered as Personal Data Administrator at the Commission for Personal Data Protection. This means that all procedures for the processing and storage of your personal data are strictly followed. Data is protected both within the organization (only authorized persons work with them), as well as against external illegal attack.