B2KAPITAL merged with Debt Collection Agency, both companies of B2Holding

On September 1st, 2020, B2Kapital Portofolio Management and Debt Collection Agency, both members of financial services group B2Holding ASA, merged on the Romanian market, into one company – B2Kapital Portofolio Management.

The merger aims to accomplish higher operational efficiency and a unique and stronger Romanian market presence for the Norvegian group B2Holding, one of the leaders in the European aquisition and management of receivables market.

The group started its activity on the Romanian market in 2016 launching B2Kapital Portfolio Management company and in the same year aquired Debt Collection Agency.

We will continue to have a personalized and flexile approach for each debtor and through this process, we will further develop our capabilities to better respond to our clients’ needs and expectations, always seeking the best fitted solutions for all parties involved.

For more details about B2KPM please visit our web page at https://b2kapital.ro/ and our Privacy Policy avaialable at https://b2kapital.ro/en/privacy-policy/ .